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Galvanised Ductwork - Galvanised Ductwork DW 144

Our galvanised ductwork is manufactured to the DW 144 specification. This is the industry standard specification for sheet metal ductwork production and installation, which achieves compliance with all current BS, EN, ISO standards and regulations.

Our conventional galvanised ductwork is manufactured using state-of-the-art production technology. All of our ductwork products, including our conventional ducting, are manufactured with our continuous girth end flange system (CGF). This innovative flanging system ensures that the rigidity and strength of the each duct section is greatly enhanced. The flange is formed from the base material on both shaped and straight duct - no ‘add on’ flange is required and this creates a much stronger flange construction. A 30mm CGF flange is equivalent to a J6 rated flange and ensures that there are no possible leakage paths between flange and duct.

All ductwork sections have fully sealed corners and internal lock forms and are suitable for Class A to Class C working pressures (up to 2000 Pa).

We can rapidly manufacture conventional galvanised ducting in all shapes and sizes to suit your specific project and our expert team are always on hand to discuss and advise on your specific requirements.

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