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Flameshield Fireduct - Application Areas

Fire resistant ductwork has to meet a wide range of criteria to be standards compliant, and depending on the application, involves testing for fire resistance from both the outside (Type A Ductwork) and the inside (Type B Ductwork).

Both the Flameshield Fireduct BS and New EN system are suitable for all types of ventilation and extraction systems where 2 or 4 hours fire resistance is required. Flameshield Fireduct BS and EN are fully certified for use in the following areas and systems:

  • Kitchen Extraction Systems
  • Smoke Extraction Systems
  • Car Park Extraction Systems
  • Stair Pressurisation Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Passive Ventilation

Flameshield Fireduct BS and New EN system are compliant in accordance with BS 476 part 24, ISO 9001, and EN 1366 parts 1 and 8. This means all required testing has been undertaken and passed for Flameshield Fireduct to be CE marked.

Flameshield Fireduct BS and our New EN system are listed for both standards in the LPCB’s specifiers guide - The Red Book Live. So you can be fully confident that when you specify Flameshield Fireduct for ventilation and extraction systems or for critical means of escape systems you are implementing the very safest product available.

Due care must be given in establishing which fire rated ductwork system is needed in order to comply with all of the requirements for its area of application. Kent Ductwork’s knowledgeable design and production team are always on hand to offer expert advice and support in helping you to specify the correct type of system.

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