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Kent Ductwork manufactures two types of ductwork. Standard, gavlanised ductwork and specialist non-coated, fire resistant ductwork.

Our conventional galvanised ductwork meets all of the current required specifications using state-of-the-art production technology. All of our products benefit from incorporating the continuous girth flange system. We can quickly produce conventional galvanised ductwork in any shape and size for your project.

We also specialise in manufacturing non-coated, fire resistant ductwork and are one of only six fully licensed specialist manufacturers of Flameshield Fireduct. Importantly, we are the only UK manufacturer that can supply Flameshield Fireduct to third party ductwork installers.

We manufacture Flameshield Fireduct on specialist machinery, in accordance with strict factory production standards, from the highest quality galvanised sheet steel. The key benefit of Flameshield Fireduct is its construction, which removes the need for an external coating to be applied. And because Flameshield Fireduct is non-coated it delivers additional benefits above its compliance to standards:

  • No on-going maintenance costs
  • Eliminates potential damage to the system – nothing to scratch
  • Rapid production turnaround times - no spraying or curing of coating required
  • More environmentally friendly
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Improved compatibility with other systems such as CAICE Attenuators

Is it safe?

Yes, we believe that the Flameshield Fireduct system is the safest non-coated, fire resistant ductwork system that you can specify and fit today.

Flameshield Fireduct has been fully tested at the Building Research Establishment and is listed with the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and is a certified fire safety product in the specifiers bible ‘The Red Book Live’. Flameshield Fireduct is a leading fire rated ductwork system to be fully tested and approved to both BS 476 Part 24 and the new EN 1366 Parts 1 & 8 standards, making it the default choice for all specifiers that want to ensure full compliance with fire safety standards and building codes.

The Flameshield system is suitable for all ventilation applications and is rated for a period up to 4 hours stability and integrity with up to 2 hours insulation. It is also suitable for use as a smoke extract system and retains at least 75% of its shape for BS systems and 90% of its shape for EN systems in full fire conditions for a period of 2 hours.

The expert team at Kent Ductwork Limited can accurately assess your requirements and advise on the optimum solution for your project.

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