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Flameshield Fireduct - Manufacturing Flameshield Fireduct

Kent Ductwork has invested heavily in cutting edge production facilities and in developing our team of highly skilled production technicians. It ensures that every piece of ducting that leaves our factory is consistently manufactured to the exact requirements of the applicable standards.

Flameshield Fireduct non-coated ductwork is manufactured from the highest quality, galvanised sheet steel on dedicated specialist production machinery. Our strict quality control systems ensure that Flameshield Fireduct is produced to the very highest quality and conforms fully to both BS and EN standards.

As a licensee of the Flameshield Fireduct system Kent Ductwork Ltd are regularly audited by the LPCB to demonstrate full compliance with the PN 111 FPC - the factory production and quality control plan. We are required under the plan to keep detailed and auditable records to show that the correct processes and materials have been adhered to in the manufacture of Flameshield Fireduct. Specifiers and installers can be fully confident that each and every component manufactured by Kent Ductwork is fully standards compliant.

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