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Flameshield Fireduct - Installing Flameshield Fireduct Under LPS 1531

Flameshield Fireduct BS and EN systems are designed to protect life and property and it is essential that they perform correctly in the event of a fire. The only cause of failure for a certified passive fire protection system product like Flameshield Fireduct is faulty or poor installation. In order to ensure that your Flameshield Fireduct is installed correctly and is fit for purpose, all Flameshield Fireduct installations need to be installed by a certified contractor working under the LPCB’s LPS 1531 installer scheme.

The purpose of this scheme is to analyse whether the installing company is able to correctly fit fire protection products and is intended to ensure that these systems meet the intended fire performance. As a specifier, main contractor or regulator choosing a certified contractor the LPS 1531 scheme delivers the following assurances:

A Reduction in Risk - specifying an LPCB certified company to install Flameshield Fireduct demonstrates due-diligence and mitigates against possible accusations of negligence.

Avoids Costly Installation Errors - LPCB certified installers have demonstrated competence in the installation of Flameshield Fireduct systems.

Frequent Inspections - The LPCB randomly inspects 15% of projects completed by LPCB certified companies which ensures an ongoing level of competency and quality.

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